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Jul 24, 2010

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To Make a Blog: Learning How to Create a Blog the Right Way  By Michelle Tukachinsky

Learning how to make a blog is a wonderful thing and fantastic experience for all involved. Many have created successful blogs that have been fulfilling both personally and professionally.

Others have made thousands of dollars per month on their successful blog due to niche popularity, affiliate commissions, and revenue from Google Adsense.

Making the decision to make a blog is very easy, however, the process of building a blog is much more complex and does require a certain amount of education.

Learning how to create a blog,especially a free standing blog does have a big learning curve,however,in which you must have some patience to go through the steps and the process.

Many individuals would like to start blogs, but have absolutely no idea how to start a blog. Potential bloggers become confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated and usually stop their blog project before it even gets started.

There are also many "dead blogs' on the internet that people start, and then give up on in only a few months or even a few days or weeks.

Many people start blogs just to jot down thoughts on feelings about a particular topic of subject. Many, however, want to use a blog for business, or monetize a blog to earn adsense and affiliate commissions.

Before starting a blog, it is important that you understand what kind of blog you want to start. Is it a

blog for business, an opinion blog, or a blog in a particular niche where you actually are looking to learn revenue.

The full outlining of the steps to starting a blog can be a bit complex, especially if you are a newbie to the internet. There are many steps that you will have to understand and go through before you have the skills that you will need to make a blog.

To get you started, think about what the goals of your blog are. What are you trying to accomplish with your blog and what direction do you want to take your blog in.

It is believed by this author that having a free standing blog with your own domain through either wordpress or blogger is truly the best way to go.

This way you fully own your blog and can do whatever you want with the blog and are not at the mercy at free blog hosting services.

Because learning how to make a blog and learning how to create a blog takes some time, effort, and focus, it is recommended that you take the steps to learn how to make a blog in a systematic, comprehensive way.

If you are not familiar with domain names, ftp, anchor text, adsense, affiliate marketing, blog themes, design,plug-ins, and you want to learn this on your own without hiring expensive web designers, this is truly possible.

When you learn how to blog the right way, and you are not missing any steps, you can actually have a successful, thriving, perhaps money producing blog that you can have for a very long time.

Michelle Tee