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Jul 24, 2010

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How To Work From Home
by Christina LoBurgio

One of the best things that has ever happened to me was being fired from my J.O.B. I would like to give you a little information about my situation, I was working for a medical company and I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. I had very high blood pressure due to the pregnancy and was put on "short term disability". I was "let go" by this medical company because they decided that I had used up all of my FMLA time. I bet I know what you are thinking. "They can not do that to a pregnant woman". But they DID. I had no job, no income, and was on bed rest. What could I do? I hated having a boss, I did not take orders from others very well. The most uneducated people I have ever known where my bosses and there bosses. I was sick and tired of all of the "High School" crap that I had to deal with from my colleges.

I was not going to go back and play all the dumb games that you have to play when working for someone else. But like most people today the money is very tight. However, I wanted to be able to stay at home and work.

The reason I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom was because I want to be the one who watches my baby girl grow up. I did not want to spend my entire paycheck to pay someone else to do what I wanted to do. I did not want to miss anything, like the first time she crawled, her first word (Dadda) not mamma (argg) the first steps, the first everything. I LOVE being able to read her story's before she goes to bed. I love having those little moments that I could not have if I was working a 9-5 J.O.B. I also did not trust anyone except family to babysit her all day every day. I want her to know that I am ALWAYS there for her and that she can trust me no matter what. But I also knew that only having one income would put is in a very tight spot financially. I had to do something. But I refused to go back into "corporate America".

During this time I started to look online for any type of home based business that would help us out financially. I was determined to find the "best" one out there. Knowing that I had spent almost everything that we had on so called "get rich" programs, even the ones that sounded to good to be real. I kept thinking that one of them would really work. I kept buying more and more of them hoping and praying that one of them would "be the one". Well guess what? NONE of them worked, not even a little. So now my family and I were in a worse situation then before. Thanks to me. After putting us in the hole even more I was about to give up on the whole "work at home" business. I was so upset just thinking about going back to work to earn just enough to put a little in my pocket. So, I gave it ONE more try.

I could not believe that I actually found a company that looked amazing. Like I said, this was the "LAST" company that I was going to try. Thank God this business was exactly was I was looking for. They have the best online support, tools and the training you get is out of the world. I know for a fact that I will never have to go out and get a J.O.B. I am able to "work from home". I put in a few hours a day while my little girl is taking her nap and the rest of the day is ours. We do ANYTHING that we want to. You too can have exactly what I have. You deserve it.

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