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Jul 23, 2010

On the next vacation visit Egypt

Choosing Hotels in Egypt

By: Amar Mahallati

Millions of travelers visit Egypt each year, and some choose to stay in the urban areas of Cairo and Alexandria while others head to the glimmering waters of the Gulf of Suez along the “Red Sea Riviera”. All of these visitors need hotels in Egypt, and luckily there is an excellent variety of choices and styles from which to choose.

When choosing hotels in Egypt it is important to consider what is needed or wanted from the accommodation. For example, there are resort style hotels in Egypt that provide a comprehensive assortment of options – including meals, activities, transportation and entertainment. There are also very basic hotels in Egypt that can serve as safe and clean locations from which a visit to an area or region can be based.

It is also important to examine an entire area for the right hotels in Egypt before settling on a single location. For example, a family looking to stay somewhere along the Red Sea Riviera would need to consider the sort of activities they will require. Is shopping of interest? Meeting true locals or even Bedouin tribes? Will guided snorkeling or scuba diving be required? Such considerations will quickly help determine the areas where they should seek out hotels in Egypt.

Of course, hotels in Egypt are not limited to resort-style accommodations or luxury providers; there are many hostels and international chains that make very reasonable and affordable rooms, beds or suites available as well.

For example, in Cairo alone there are dozens of hotels and resorts providing a comprehensive selection of choices to those staying for a single night or an extended period in the area.

Hotels in Egypt are no different from those elsewhere, and a savvy traveler will investigate any special offerings or extra bonuses before booking a room. For instance, many hotels in Egypt can provide a discounted car rental or make special guided tours available to their paying guests. There are also some hotels in Egypt that are affiliated with Nile cruise or dinner cruise companies, and special rates can be found through “package” deals.

It is also important that a traveler seeking hotels in Egypt should not assume that every hotel or resort will be able to accommodate special needs, such as wheelchair accessibility. Just as in any other location in the world, it is critical to inquire of the management about such needs long before making a reservation in the hotel.

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