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Jul 23, 2010

On the next vacation visit Egypt

Cheap Holidays Egypt

By: Elena Carr

Are you searching for a cheap holiday in Egypt? Do you want to see the pyramids? Do you want to see The Nile River? These are just two of the beautiful things that you will find on a cheap holiday in Egypt. Egypt is a land of cultural, historical, and religious significance.

Egypt is located in North Africa. And is bordered by the Mediterranean sea. It has vast expanses of desert and is home to some of the richest history in the world.

Egypt, depends on tourism. You can find great outdoor excursions in Egypt such as bird watching, surfing, boating, and diving. You can go on a dessert day trek, an Egypt Nile cruise or just relax on your holiday at a beautiful lush resort. Some sights to see include Muslim monuments, the Cairo Opera house, and don't forget to visit the bazaars which are great cheap shopping destinations.

Cheap holidays Egypt also mean you can watch some amazing Soccer games. Soccer is their national sport.

The main airport in Egypt is the Cairo international airport and there are about 20 different airlines that fly to Cairo so getting a cheap holiday flight will be easy.

There are plenty of carnivals to see while you are on cheap holidays in Egypt. Some of the better known festivals are the Mulid carnivals. Ramadan, and the ancient spring Sham en Nisim festival.

Egypt has shopping and nightlife. Some of the most interesting things there are the cuisine. It is a great place for vegans and vegetarians to go on holiday. The biggest staple in Egyptian cuisine in bread. The Egyptian national dish is Ful Medames, which are chickpeas. Kebabs are also popular since Egypt is so close to the Middle East you can find dishes that have been inspired by various Middle Eastern spices and flavors

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