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Jul 23, 2010

Safari In Egypt A Dream
By: Amr Ellaban

What is Safari?

The Safari through the desert in Egypt is the best opportunity to feel the spirit of adventure. When they heard the term Safari, you can inspire scenes from old movies, people leading teams in the desert, this wilderness adventure filled with exotic natural scenes. Egypt is one of the most famous places in the Safari, where you can enjoy peace and tranquility.

During the last quarter of the century 20, it decreased the chance of hunting in the safari to give an opportunity to tourists to admire and take pictures in African national parks and reserves.

Recently, the meaning of the word Safari was extended to include tours and excursions away from the wildlife of the desert. For example, the Safari in the desert of Egypt is made for the adventurous experience the tranquility and the natural life of the desert.

Memphis Tours can offer several programs covering all lagers safari in Egypt. The desert oasis in the west contains 5, known for most of the fans by the African safari. The African Safari tours of the range between 5 and 10 days.

The best places to Safari in Egypt:

The desert of western Egypt is a unique and wonderful place to enjoy the safari in Egypt, due to make existing beach, in addition to the great history of the GM II because he can see the great Sea Arenal where everything was buried by the army of Cambyses the strong sand storm.

You can also enjoy the safari in Sinai, where you can visit the Monastery of Santa Catalina by Jeep, climb the Mountain of Moses or do a walk through the camel in the desert.

Hurghada is one of the ideal places for safari because of its proximity to the desert, their colorful mountains and canyons.

You can spend many days covering interesting parts of the Western Desert in Egypt, including a few days to discover unknown areas in Gabal Uainat and El Kebir The Gelf.

The best time for the Safari in Egypt:

To enjoy the Safari tours in Egypt, were advised to avoid hot flashes months (May to September), while the best time is from October to April, far from the summer season.

What is needed during the tour of the safari:

Light clothing is recommended during the tour in the desert; jersey and jacket for the night of winter.

Safari in Egypt a Dream

When we talk about Egypt, we believe it to the pyramids, and it is undoubtedly the reason for 80% stays in Egypt.

Serving as a bridge between Africa and the Suez Canal, Egypt is one of the most visited countries of North Africa.

Every city in Egypt has its own cultural character. Places to see and visit in Egypt are unavoidable and unlimited. I would recommend the pyramids of Giza, Cairo, museums, palaces and mosques delightful that you will leave indelible memories!

The Sinai desert has a unique landscape and nature is fascinating!

Finally a trip to Egypt would not be complete without a cruise on the small King rivers. The Nile is localized in the region of Aswan and if you have time, do a tour there.

Egyptians are very proud of their country, (and for good reason!) And I advise you to approach you. They will be happy to guide you through the wealth which abounds their country. Museums are the most cultural and I recommend the mummification museum where you learn and see for yourself how the same old pharaohs were mummified.

If you like going out in the evening, you will be served! I advise you concerts or dance Eastern and restaurants offering national dishes in the world!

If you'd rather relax, the cafes are the best place where you can smoke a shisha in the comfort of Arab cousins. Please do not deceive you, the shop opening hours vary from one country to another depending on the culture and religion. In Egypt, for example, stores are often closed on Friday and Sunday.

About the Author

Amr Ellaban, an Egyptian musician devoted his life in love of Egypt. visit his sites at Safari in Egypt and slow music of egypt
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