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Jul 26, 2010

Search Engine optimization

SEO and META Tag
Author: MascarRooney
META tag consists of three components including title, description and keywords. META title is the title that appears as headline on the browser. META title is important because it lets visitors know what the page is about.

META title is also used by search engine robot to rank the websites in the search engine results. When you perform a search, you notice that the every website link has a title. The title is derived from the META title tag. If you don’t use META Title tag, the headline will display as “Untitled Document” in the document. It is unprofessional to not use META title tag. When customer sees that your web page has no headline, they immediately have an impression that the site is not optimized properly. In order for your online business to be successful, you must show to the public that your site is built properly.

META description is a description of the content in the page. It not displayed to the public. META description is displayed on the search result page. If your content don’t have the relevant keyword, the search engine robot will look at your META description. If the META description has the relevant keyword, it will use it the search result to rank the website. You can include 2 – 3 main keywords in the META description. You should not include too many keywords in the META description. If you try to stuff a lot of keywords in the META description, the search engine knows you are targeting for those keywords. When finding keywords for the META description, you can use the keyword suggestion tool. There are many free keyword suggestion tool which you can use to find keywords for the META description. The keyword you use must be relevant to the product and services you are promoting. You should aim for low competition keywords instead of high competition keywords. High competition keyword is hard to rank for because there are already a lot of websites competing for the keyword.

META keywords is used to help the search engine determine the topic of the site. It does not necessarily means that if you include a certain keyword in the META keyword tag, you will rank for that keyword. The keywords in the META keywords tag has nothing to do with the ranking of the site in the search engine. The keyword you use in the META keywords must be relevant to the content on the page. For example, if the page is about dog care, you can use keywords such as dog, pet dog, and etc. Each keyword should be separated by a comma. You should not put a large list of keywords in the META keywords. You should include 3 – 5 keywords in the META keywords. The main keyword should be included in the META keywords. The META tag is inserted after the tag in the HTML code.

If you don’t know how to develop a SEO friendly website, you can hire the web development service from the SEO company. The SEO company will design a SEO friendly template for your website.

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